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Penderff Hunter Trial Challenge and Cup

Penderff Hunter Trial Challenge

A single one-day event offering 4 cross-country courses.

  • 60cm class

  • 70cm class

  • 80cm class

  • 70cm Pairs class


Penderff Hunter Trial Challenge

The winners of the Penderff Hunter Trial Challenge will be the horse/rider combinations that complete their course with the fewest faults and who ride closest to the optimum time over the timed section of the pre-defined course.


Whilst competitors are expected to complete the course at a fair hunting speed only the timed section of the course (as marked on the course plan) will be timed and count towards the score.


Riders may enter more than one class and more than one horse.

Riders must register in advance for their chosen class or classes and subject to availability the organisers may accept entries on the day.

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