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A brief history

Penderff Equitation is an Equestrian Cross-Country Facility established by Claire and Cris, an English couple living in Lignol, central Brittany.


We are passionate about horse riding and want to create a place where British and French riders can come together and share their love for cross country riding. For this, we have an exceptional site of 26 hectares on which is installed a cross-country course.


Come visit us and experience the joy of cross country riding in the beautiful countryside of Brittany.

Penderff Equitation is an Association created in Law in July 2023 .

Its purpose is to offer:


•A place for horse riders, clubs and professionals a place to discover Cross Country Riding

•The opportunity to share in British equestrian traditions in our Hunter Trial Events

•Create a cultural tourist destination where riders and non-riders alike can unite  in a festival environment.

•Offers the opportunity to hire Penderff to host your own equestrian events

•Create a cultural bridge between the Bretons and the English settled in France through our shared love of Equestrian Cross Country

•Offers a place to educate, train and excel in the art of Equestrian Cross Country through clinics and training session

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