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A Good Hunting Pace


Hunting on Horses with hounds has been an age old tradition in the UK. It is a discipline in the equine world where the horse, rider, and hounds track an artificial scent through varied terrain and wilderness, jumping natural fences including hedges, logs and gates. The average length is around 12 miles (19 kilometers).

Historically they would hunt a fox but in more recent times the hunting of foxes has been replaced by “drag hunting” or “hunting the Clean Boot” where horses and hounds follow a pre laid trail. 


It is not about speed - riders need to pace themselves at a steady consistent speed. It is not a race! The aim is for a consistent speed allowing good stamina for horse and rider alike.


Before entering a hunter trial event, it is important that both you and your horse are fit, as the optimum time is based on the metres per minute (mpm).


A great way to practice your metres per minute, is to mark out 100m and then see the time it takes for you to complete the distance and work towards the following average metres per minutes depending on the level you wish to compete at.

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